Building the essential wardrobe


Building the essential wardrobe

Building the essential wardrobe

We live in a world where every step we take is encouraged to be taken in double pace, where tomorrow’s newspaper arrives the day before and before we noticed it the season has changed, and the warm July sun quickly turned to autumn. We sometimes forget to look up, breathe in the air and observe the leaves changing colour while we hunt down a busy street.

As individuals we live our lives in the fast lane and so does the fashion industry. Fast fashion has become such a ghastly phenomenon, one that, as the name implies, only serve those trend hungry fashion hunters. There is a big different between trend and style when it comes to fashion. Trends tend to focus on what is hot or not right now and what the fashion houses are dictating us to wear this season. Style on the other hand is how you wear an outfit and carry yourself. While there is nothing wrong with sporting new trends and mixing them with what you already have in your wardrobe, having an essential wardrobe of well-fitting garments in great quality is crucial! We’re talking the perfect worn-in pair of jeans, solid leather boots, well-fitting shirts and let’s not forget about the jackets. The right jacket can have a transformative effect on your entire outfit. These key items are essential to a wardrobe and showing off your personal style. Basically, everyday classics that make dressing in the morning super easy!

Frankly, men don’t require much more than basics in their closet. What matters the most is how the clothes are worn. After all, fashion shouldn’t be so serious, it should be fun and full of possibilities – a way of showing who you are; whether you like the attention, enjoy blending in, or you are the kind of person who finds joy in little details.

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Don't just fit in - make your own perfect fit

Once you find the perfect pair of jeans and pants, the shirt that fits you in all the right places and a couple of jackets for different occasions, you really don’t need much more. When building the perfect basis wardrobe, one should always be thinking of the garments as a modular system of interchangeable pieces, that can be mixed and matched to make every outfit looking new and fresh. You should be able to transform an outfit from laid-back to formal with just the switch of footwear and perhaps accessories.

It might take some time building the perfect basic wardrobe, but once it’s done these staples are made to be worn-in to age beautifully; here we are talking jeans and the perfect workwear jacket. Classic items that will serve you well season after season, year after year. A very sustainable aspect of fashion as we are talking longevity. Quality also has a lot so say here and a garment made in impeccable quality will be lifelong friend. Eventually it will fit only you and become your own personalized garment, especially when it comes to jeans where every crease tells a story of wear.

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When the essential wardrobe is built it’s up to you how you wear it. Regardless of shape, size, taste or expectations of fitting into society, dress however you want and in what makes you feel confident. That honestly is the most flattering style accessory. Don’t just fit in but make your own perfect fit. Be yourself, be confident and take ownership in what you choose to wear.

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