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A key component of our wardrobe is a pair of jeans. They are adaptable, long-lasting, and timeless. At MOS MOSH Gallery, we are skilled at creating well-fitting jeans with quality material.

With the help of our men's jeans fit guide, you can learn how to select the ideal fit for your body type as well as how to extend the life of your jeans.

Slim fit

Our Eric Jeans are designed in a slim fit, where the fit is streamlined from hip to ankle, but with more room around the legs than a skinny fit jeans. What's more, our jeans are made from a blend of cotton and stretch, which means that regardless the fit, they manage to be comfortable.

We never compromise on the little things, and our jeans are no exception. Our Eric Jeans are a classic slim fit model model with a regular waist, a cuff with contrast tape and 5 pockets, where the coin pocket and the right back pocket are also decorated with a contrast tape. To give our Eric Jeans a final exclusive touch, we have added a signature patch above the right back pocket.

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MMGEric Verona Jeans

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Regular fit

Andy Jeans are designed in a regular straight fit. A classic and comfortable fit with a straight silhouette from hip to ankle and more space around the legs than our slim - and tapered-fit jeans. Our Andy Jeans are therefore suitable for those who want more movement. 

All our jeans are made from a blend of cotton and stretch. In addition, our Andy Jeans have a normal waist, which makes them suitable for any occasion. The timeless 5-pocket model is comfortable to meet your requirements for a good everyday pair of jeans but is also stylish enough to be worn with a shirt and blazer.

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MMGAndy Lucca Regular Jeans

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Care tips

Jeans last longer the less they are washed - even if you wash according to all the golden rules of laundry. It is the spinning in the washing machine that is the biggest culprit. In the case of an unpleasant smell, it can be enough to let your jeans air dry, whereas a trip to the freezer kills the bacteria and a steam bath can help to clean them. However, you cannot avoid having to wash your jeans at one point or another, and in those cases, we always recommend washing them in cold water with a lower spin cycle. Alternatively, you can also hand wash your jeans.

Regardless of how you wash them, they should always be washed inside out to preserve the original colour as much as possible. Also, avoid tumble dryers or drying rooms, as this also wears out the Jeans.

If your jeans need to be freshened up, you can iron them on a low heat or use a steamer.