AW23: Rooted elegance, tradition, and heritage


AW23: Rooted elegance, tradition, and heritage

Autumn Winter 2023

Our Autumn Winter 2023 collection is inspired by a harmonious mix of the tranquility of nature, rugged adventure, and timeless aesthetics. The colours in the collection reflect the soothing hues of nature, where serene greens and soft beiges intertwine, punctuated by vibrant bursts of burnt orange and deep blue. The collection is not just visually appealing; it is a tactile experience that brings comfort and style together in perfect balance.

Rooted elegance, tradition, and heritage

At the heart of this collection are carefully crafted blazers, jackets, and overshirts, each a testament to craftsmanship and sophistication. The qualities add a touch of luxury, with the classic herringbone, check, and stripe patterns that run across the collection evoking a sense of tradition and heritage.

This collection is more than just a wardrobe - it is an embodiment of our deep-rooted connection to the earth and our longing to explore. The rough edges of the fairy tale are expressed in the gentle roughness of the textures, such as details in boucle fabric that add depth and character. Different knit materials provide warmth and capture the essence of a gathering by the fireplace, evoking memories of moments in the great outdoors.

Bologna, Italy

To document the collection, we traveled to Bologna, Italy. A city that is famous for its immense cultural, historical, and artistic heritage. The breathtaking churches, museums, and squares help to back up the collection's subtle details. A whisper of personal style that reflects individuality.

In this collection, we have taken some of our favourite styles from previous collections and recreated them with fresh details, creating an aesthetic that effortlessly blends casual sophistication with a hint of rugged charm. The result is a collection that allows you to dress with both refined ease and a nod to the adventurous spirit within.

Unmatched comfort and style

Welcome fall and winter 2023 with a wardrobe that not only celebrates nature but also carries you through the season with unmatched comfort, style, and a connection to the world around you. This collection is more than clothes; it is a reflection of your journey, your roots, and your ambitions.

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