The Longevity Champions: Lasts more than 100 washes


The Longevity Champions: Lasts more than 100 washes

The Longevity Champions: Lasts more than 100 washes

Finding a dress shirt or t-shirt that combine style, comfort, and durability is no easy task. However, we have discovered the formula that excel in all these areas and more. Introducing the MMGPerry Tee and MMGMarco Jersey Shirt, proudly manufactured in Portugal's renowned textile industry. These shirts not only boast exceptional craftsmanship but have also undergone rigorous testing, proving their remarkable longevity even after enduring 100 washes.

The power of Interlock double-knit fabric

At the heart of these remarkable shirts lies the interlock double-knit fabric. This innovative technique sets them apart from ordinary jerseys, ensuring superior strength, stretch, and longevity. Crafted with attention to detail, the MMGPerry Tee and MMGMarco Jersey Shirt maintain their shape and integrity over time, making them exceptional investments.

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The enduring test of 100 washes

To offer the highest quality, we submitted the MMGPerry Tee in black to an independent third-party test laboratory. The tee underwent over 100 washes, with astonishing results. Even after this extensive laundering, there were no noticeable changes in color or shape. The seams and edges remained intact, exhibiting no visible signs of wear. The tee surpassed expectations, proving its exceptional durability.

Quality fabric and craftsmanship

The MMGPerry Tee and MMGMarco Jersey Shirt are crafted from the same high-end fabric and by the same manufacturer. This ensures consistency and excellence in every piece. The attention to detail throughout the production process guarantees shirts of unmatched quality and longevity. 

In a world dominated by fast fashion, we have made it our mission to create collections that lasts beyond seasons.The MMGPerry Tee and MMGMarco Jersey Shirt are true champions, showcasing exceptional quality, style, and durability. Tested to withstand over 100 washes without losing their charm, these shirts are investments worth considering.