Sales Coordinator and Christmas Enthusiast: A Word with Camilla Holleufer Hansen


Sales Coordinator and Christmas Enthusiast: A Word with Camilla Holleufer Hansen

Sales Coordinator and Christmas Enthusiast: A Word with Camilla Holleufer Hansen
Camilla Holleufer Hansen is one of our talented sales coordinators. She's outgoing and talkative, which makes working within sales the perfect job for her. She has been a part of MOS MOSH since 2019, and besides being a Sales Coordinator, Camilla is also known as our Christmas enthusiast. Even though Christmas only comes once a year, it should be Christmas all year round if it was up to Camilla. We chatted with her about what a Sales Coordinator does at MOS MOSH, what is fun and challenging when working with sales, what made her realize she wanted to work within sales, and what Christmas means to her: 

What does a Sales Coordinator do at MOS MOSH?
As a Sales Coordinator at MOS MOSH, we support and back up our agents worldwide. For my part, I'm responsible for our distributors in Canada and Australia, as well as our agents/colleagues in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and Belgium. I have daily contact with my agents, where we discuss different cases to support and maintain the best service for our clients.

What is especially fun when working with sales? And what is challenging? 
People who know me would describe me as super talkative and outgoing – I love being around people and working with sales; it gives me exactly this opportunity in-house, as well as attending our many tradeshows worldwide. 

In my job, it can sometimes be very challenging to work with so many different markets, with different points of view, not to mention different climates - especially nowadays, where everything is unpredictable. 

 In relation to unpredictability, it can sometimes also be extremely challenging to work with Sales in crises with war, diseases, and climate changes and find a way to navigate all of it while doing my best. 

When did you know you wanted to work in sales and fashion? 
Since I was very little, I have always loved fashion. The fact that I chose to work in sales was probably due to my extroversion. I think I was aware of this after a year in America in 2013, where I was linguistically and personally challenged to realize that I was more a "speaker" than a writer.

We know you are the biggest Christmas enthusiast here at MOS MOSH! What is Christmas for you? 
Christmas is a time to celebrate!

I love the joy and happiness. It is a festive season for all – kids as well as grown-ups. Christmas is a time to show gratitude, love, share, and make others happy. I love the busyness, preparation for the holiday season, traditions, and general cozinessChristmas means family time – and this is what I love the most!