All dressed up and nowhere to go


All dressed up and nowhere to go

All dressed up and nowhere to go

With Christmas season approaching, so follows Christmas parties, glamorous nights with cocktails and shimmery dresses. But we spend most of our times within the four walls of our homes these days (and have done most of the year) and it is tempting to spend the days in sweatsuits and pj’s – but we must not forget ourselves and personal style in the process.

Randi Tile Dress // Perla Tile Blouse // Kana Tile Blouse

All you need is a little glam

When was the last time you dressed up just for you? When did you last wear something sparkly simply because you felt like? In times like these we must never forget to do something good for ourselves, whether it’s a facemask for a little self-pampering, applying your favorite shade of nail polish or wearing your favorite heels around the house. Sometimes all you need is a little glam.

Bena Bold Blazer // Simone Shine Jeans

So, dress up in that sequin dress because you feel like it! Try that new cocktails you’ve been wanting to test out and learn to perfect it. Invite your best friend and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s while sipping champagne and wear your favorite party dress. Clothes are too beautiful to not be worn and trust us – your party dresses miss you. So, get up, get dressed, stay safe and stay home (wrapped in glamorous garments).

Meta Knit Dress

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