Jeans and autumn: A timeless love affair


Jeans and autumn: A timeless love affair


Jeans are never out of style. They come every season in old known versions as well as new in cool colours with unique details.  

As the temperature drops and the vibrant summer hues fade into earthy tones, autumns paves the way for new jeans in the wardrobe. Jeans are fashion staples and a versatile clothing item that look good with just about anything and therefore a must to invest in. Autumn and jeans are especially a cool combination. The crisp air of fall complements the rugged yet comfortable fabric of jeans. The season's palette, replete with browns, oranges, and yellows, provides an excellent backdrop for the various shades of denim. From classic indigo to faded blues, every hue of jeans has its moment under the autumnal sun. 


This is our new jeans favourites


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