Welcoming a little brother to the MOS MOSH family


Welcoming a little brother to the MOS MOSH family

A new chapter

It’s time to write a new chapter in the MOS MOSH story and this time we are ready with something completely new. A men’s wear line – MOS MOSH Gallery. Taking the clean Nordic look and combining it with Italian finesse is what makes this line so strong and something we are quite passionate about. Going for an elevated style that exudes a sophisticated ease, the line consists of both casual jeans and jackets as well as easily transitional tailoring.

Making a men’s wear line has been under development for a long time, but good things take time and we believe in doing things in our own pace. The concept had to be well thought of, down to every single detail and this is what makes MM Gallery so strong. It had to feel right and now the time has finally come for us to share this with you.

From the very beginning our goal was to create an internationally commercial rethinking luxury brand, sharing the same values as MOS MOSH. We have always been known for impeccable quality and perfect fits and MM Gallery is no exception. You have to do what you are good at, and this is what we do!

For us, it’s very important to make garments that are well made and that you are able to wear more than once. Why buy a jacket if you’re only going to wear it once? This is not us. We want you to fall in love with the garments and wear them with pride, again and again, making your jeans or jacket personalized to fit your body.

Since you will be wearing them over and over again, comfort is something we highly appreciate when it comes to designing. There is nothing worse than a stiff suit or jeans so tight you can’t move in them, again, that is not us. We know that clothes have to perform in everyday life, it has to work, feel comfortable, while still looking sharp and stylish. That is why we twist and turn every single garment in the design process, it simply has to feel right in the end. The collections are made from high-end fabrics, mostly from sustainable sources. And while we are on the topic of sustainability – when you are done wearing them, please donate or recycle!