Pack your suitcase for this year's summer vacation


Pack your suitcase for this year's summer vacation

Essentials for your summer getaway

Are you travelling this summer and looking for this year’s vacation heroes?
Then we might have what you are searching for.

To make it easier for you, we made a packing list below with vacation must-haves and a mini-guide with 3 MOS MOSH favorites destinations for a summer getaway:

Below we listed some of our favorite summer essentials right now.

Tops & Blouses

It's a must to pack tops and blouses when traveling in the summer months.
And our tops and blouses are no exceptions.
Eisa Cotton Blouse // Troy Tank Top // Ginny Stripe Blouse

Trendy Tees

Looking for a new tee for this year's summer vacation?
Well, look no further. We got you covered.
Paulina O-SS Tee // State O-SS Tee // Mae O-SS Tee

Dreamy Dresses

Summer vacation always calls for a new beautiful dress,
and these ones are our suggestions.
Sema Blury Twill Dress // Melua Alfie Dress // Arleth SS Shirt Dress

Shorts & Jeans

You can't go on a summer vacation without a pair of shorts (and maybe jeans as well).
These are our suggestions:
Cressida Sweatshorts // Stella Breeze Straight Jeans // Sicily Shorts

A mini-guide to 3 of our favorite destinations in Europe

St. Tropez

We think St. Tropez, the coastal town on the French Riviera, is the ideal place for a little summer getaway. It’s luxurious, energetic, and colourful - A beautiful and vibrant destination to stay for a weekend.

Here are 3 must-sees when travelling to St.Tropez:

Pastis hotel

This is the place to spend the night when travelling to St. Tropez. It’s a charming hotel filled with 20th-century art, modern classic pieces, and a secret garden with old palm trees surrounding a pool.


This restaurant is famous and very recognizable for its iconic red colour.

It’s the perfect spot to have a cocktail or rosé. And don’t forget to try their delicate dishes.


This shop is the place to buy stunning and extraordinary coffee table books.

You can’t go to St. Tropez without visiting Scarlett.

Read more about our trip to St. Tropez here.


Are you thinking about Italy this summer? We get it. One of our favorite destinations in Italy is Como. It’s known for its dreamy waterfront promenade, historic architecture, and colourful gardens. A must-see when travelling to Italy.

3 extraordinary gems to see in Como:

Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero is a magical place to be. It includes a magnificent museum, Casa Museo, and this museum gives an exclusive peek into four centuries of history. Furthermore, it features a beautiful botanical garden with flora from all over the world.

Palazzo Albricci Peregrini

Palazzo Albricci Peregrini is a 15th-century palace, and today you can visit it as a romantic boutique hotel. It’s known for its unique history hidden in every detail – just waiting to be explored by visitors.

La Fabbrica del Gelato

You can’t go to Italy without eating their delicious gelato.

And in Lenno (Como), you’ll get one of the best ones with lots of flavours.

Read more about our trip to Como here.


Biarritz is a seaside town on southwestern France’s Basque coast with sandy beaches. Biarritz is the place to be if you seek relaxation, culture, and good food experiences.

3 must-visit in Biarritz:

Villa Magnan

Villa Magnan is truly a fairytale to spend the night. It’s a hidden treasure where time stands still, and it has the perfect harmony between the building and the park, with wild trees that have lived for more than a hundred years. The heart of Villa Magnan is Villa Château with its arched doors. It’s 1,400 m2 with remarkable architecture and Art Deco interior in the heart of the park.

Maison Adam

Maison Adam is known for their delicious macarons as they were the first to make macarons. The original recipe for tender Adam macaron was created for the wedding of King Louis XIV and is a must to try.


Take a stroll down the seafront of Biarritz and visit the beautiful stone bridges to the Rocher du Basta. This is a must experience in Biarritz and perfect to do in the golden hour.

Read more about our trip to Biarritz here.