Florence getaway: A guide to the historical city


Florence getaway: A guide to the historical city

If you have a European destination for a getaway in mind this easter, we recommend exploring the historical and grand city of Florence. The city stands as a beacon of art and architectural grandeur, and the culinary experiences are in a league of their own. Whether you prefer to see Florence through the eyes of artists, wish to enjoy local food and wine or simply want to explore every paced stone in the city by foot, Florence has it all.

Where to eat

Florence has a lot to offer when it comes to cuisine and genuine, authentic flavours. Eating sandwiches with hearty prosciutto on the go, wrapped in brown paper, while strolling across the bridge Ponte Vecchio along the river Arno.

When wine hour hits, you can always find a buchette del vino – a wine window. These have been used for over hundred years to sell wine in cute glass bottles without opening a shop. These little gems can be found all over Florence.

For dinner or a late lunch, we recommend finding Osteria Divina and indulging in their delicious pizzas or multiple pasta dishes. This hearty restaurant is both authentic and cosy, and the menu is even written in hand.

And if your satisfaction for pasta hasn't been fulfilled, the homemade pasta at Osteria Pastella will satify all your cravings!

What to see

There is plenty to see in historical Florence, and the city is an endless canvas for exploration. You can enjoy street artists on almost every street corner or take a stroll through Florence's many gorgeous piazzas. At Piazza della Signoira, you get a glimpse of the city's past, full of grand statues and the more than 500-year-old Fountain of Neptune.

Want to capture the light-hearted feeling of vacation vibes? Go visit one of Florence's cute photobooths and immortalise your memories.

If you need a quiet getaway from the buzzing city, Bardinis Garden is a great place to breathe in the spring flowers and enjoy the rich botanic and historical view from the top.

End the day by watching the sun set over Florence at Piazzale Michelangelo, which offers an impressive panoramic view of the city.

Where to stay

While in Florence, don't miss out on a drive to Tuscany, where you will find just the kind of peace you'll need after a day in the buzzing city. Stay at the charming and authentic 'Il Rosalaccio' in San Gimignano, a beautiful family-driven vineyard dating back to the 18th century. Located in the hills in the middle of Florence and Siena, the villa offers an impressive view over the vineyard.

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