HS22: The MOS MOSH muse


HS22: The MOS MOSH muse

Here comes the sun

High Summer 2022 is here, and our MOS MOSH muse is inspired by the fun summer feeling of lightness and hope this season is giving her, filling her veins with energy and happiness.

An endless sea, filling our minds with hope and new ideas

A colourful paradise with beautiful landscapes

For HS22, we draw inspiration from our muse. Our muse was searching for her next boost of energy and summer ease. Therefore, she traveled to St. Tropez – a town filled with colours, culture, and energy.

Falco Patch Jacquard Blouse & Bai Patch Jacquard Pant // Alli Sea Flare Jeans

A true feeling of energy and lightness

Our muse packed boxy and oversized silhouettes in breathable light-weighted textiles for this vacation. As our muse likes a dreamy and soft colour palette with a dash of prints and black tones, she chose to pack it for her vacation. She brings feminine, casual, and trendy fits from her summer wardrobe to St. Tropez. Styles she will wear on repeat this season.

Falco Patch Jacquard Blouse // Bai Patch Jacquard Pant

A summer day in Saint-Tropez
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