Steen Slaikjær: The visionary behind Hvidbjerg Strand Superior Camping


Steen Slaikjær: The visionary behind Hvidbjerg Strand Superior Camping

Transforming camping: An interview with Steen Skaikjær, the visionary behind Hvidbjerg Strand Superior Camping

In the westernmost part of Denmark, almost as far west as one can go, lies a place that Steen Slaikjær has been connected with all his life and has been managing for over 20 years.

In Blåvand, near the lagoon of the North Sea, lies one of Europe’s finest holiday parks: Hvidbjerg Strand Superior Camping, the first campsite to achieve a prestigious six-star rating. The park seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, showcasing houses with black-painted wooden facades and charming thatched roofs. Inside, guests can enjoy a wide array of amenities, including gourmet restaurants, wellness centers, and play areas, fulfilling every desire.

The man behind it all? His name is Steen Slaikjær, and he took over the place more than twenty years ago from his parents, now running it with his sister.

Before that, Steen had worked at several international companies, but the dream of being his own boss drew him back to the family business in 2000, which he has since developed into one of Europe’s most impressive holiday parks.

We spoke with Steen about how the concept of camping has changed, evolving from being criticized to becoming one of the most sought-after holiday forms today.

”I see a trend where many people want to get out into nature and be close to the forests, beaches, seas, and mountains. Many use it for holidays, and a few even have a lifestyle as modern nomads. Camping can be many things: Basecamp at Mt. Everest, a shelter in a forest near a big city, a traditional campsite with caravans, motorhomes, and vanlifers.

Camping used to be frowned upon - now it’s for everyone. We have guests arriving in a fancy Volvo but staying in a small tent, just renting a toilet to stay as grounded as possible.”

MMG: As a man who lives to sell good experiences and has perfected the total experience for your guests over the last 20 years, you must always be on the lookout for new ideas. Where do you go for inspiration?

”I have traveled in many parts of the world, but in recent years, I have mainly found my inspiration in Denmark and the Alps. There are many exciting things happening in the Alps around camping and alternative holiday options, but there are also many opportunities in Denmark, where we have seen the value of high quality.”


MMG: One can argue that being a good guest is equally important to being a good host. What is the most important thing to remember if you want to make your host happy?

"As a guest, you should always come with an open mind to a new place. Every place has something new and hopefully unique to offer, and as a guest, you should just enjoy things being a bit different from what you are used to. Of course, there can be a gap between expectations and delivered service, and ultimately, it is the host’s responsibility to ensure the guest has a good experience.”

MMG: With up to 500.000 overnight stays every year, the need to keep both body and mind sharp must be enormous. How do you ensure you stay in good physical and mental shape? 

“I love sports – windsurfing and skiing have been my passion since childhood, and later mountain biking was added.

The great thing about getting out into the waves or the forest on the bike is that, besides keeping the body fit, you also maintain your mental well-being.

A healthy mind in a healthy body, as an old Roman poet expressed it. But, of course, with age, you get some physical issues. Maybe sometimes it’s hard to go full speed on the bike, but then I jump into the wetsuit and swim in the sea or wait for the weather gods to deliver wind and waves so I can get on the water with my surfboard..”

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