Comfy cozy cashmere


Comfy cozy cashmere

The soft, silky touch of cashmere

Stay-at-home in style without compromising fashion and comfort.
We spend most of our time within the four walls of our homes these days, but that does not give into excuses about letting our personal style go. While it’s tempting to spend the days in your PJ’s and slippers, this can be a useful time to upgrade your home office uniform with cozy cashmere.

In order to not completely shutting down our system regarding fashion statements, we believe the right outfit will only boots your productivity. Some even claim that the clothes we wear even influence our mood. Let’s be frank, we are not saying you should jump into a suit, while that would still look pretty cool. We are talking about soft garments that make you ready for a day in front of the laptop, juggling home schooling and snack time with the kids.

Wear your cashmere coziness with soft jeans, printed pants and sneakers for the perfect indoor outfit. The softness of this season's colour palette of Chintz Rose, Beige Melange, Celestial Blue. Feel the sweet embrace of cashmere against your skin, a feeling you will only get addicted to.

We may have stepped into summertime and the sun may be peeping out from the fluffy clouds, but the temperatures are still slightly uneven. One of the best materials to wear on mild days is cashmere, as the material regulate body temperature. Perfect for chilly days or in-between seasons. We can promise you will not regret investing in a cashmere delight.

How to care for your cashmere

Made from delicate wool fibers, cashmere is quite a thin and porous material. Cashmere is known for its remarkably soft quality that is both warm and indulgent. If you take good care of your cashmere you are saying hello to an everlasting love story.

Treating cashmere must be done carefully. Always read the care label inside the garment before going any further. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to make your cashmere beautiful for years:

  • Dry clean professionally
  • Machine wash at home: Please use the machine’s wool cycle with gentle wool detergent. Place the washed garment on a towel and dry flat, avoid pulling the shape.
  • Hand wash: submerge item in water in the sink with mild wool detergent or wool shampoo. Soak for no more than 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do not wring the garment, as it will pull it out of shape. Place the washed garment on a towel and dry flat, avoid pulling the shape.
  • When you buy a MOS MOSH garment in cashmere you also receive a cashmere comb you can use to gently brush the cashmere.

How to use your MOS MOSH Cashmere Comb

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